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Terms & Conditions

Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme
1. Definitions

  • 1.1.   "Active Mobile Membership Account" means an account for Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme which has not been suspended or terminated.
  • 1.2.   "Reward Points" means the points issued by Sabah Hotel under the Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme subject to these terms and conditions.
  • 1.3.   "Working Day" means any day in a week other than Saturday, Sunday and gazette public holidays in Sabah, Malaysia.

2. Eligibility

  • 2.1.   All Sabah Hotel residential and dining customers with an Active Mobile Membership Account are eligible to participate in the Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme.
  • 2.2.   Individuals who have signed up under a special Corporate / Government / Travel Agent contract scheme for accommodations and meals but have registered with Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme under an individual ID are eligible to participate provided:
    1. a) Hotel Accommodation
      • The rooms booking is done through Sabah Hotel Web Reservation System using its prevailing online rates and settle with valid credit cards.
    2. b) Meals at designated F&B outlets
      • Individual diners booked at the designated F&B outlets with full settlement under a single bill.
  • 2.3.   The following are not eligible to participate in the Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme:
    1. a) Company business account with special contract rates,
    2. b) Government authority with special contract rates,
    3. c) Groups with special rates privilege; and
    4. d) Customers with special rates privilege.
  • 2.4.   For each eligible Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme customer, a Mobile Membership account will be automatically created and a Membership ID will be required to access the account for the redemption of the Reward Points.

3. Mobile Membership

  • 3.1.   All Mobile Membership benefits will only be honoured upon presentation of a valid Mobile Membership ID via smart phone. The Mobile Membership benefits are not redeemable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and promotions including discounts.

4. Mobile Membership Discount

  • 4.1.   Each designated Food and Beverage Outlets (Plantation Café and Ming Restaurant) shall have a different Discount Offer and hence the customer should understand the exact Discount Offer and then avail the same.
  • 4.2.   The Discount Offers shall not be valid on BLACKOUT DATES (please refer to Section 5 for details) and are not applicable on ticket sales events, banquet and special promotional set menu.
  • 4.3.   The Discount Offers are applicable on food only and NOT applicable on any beverage and cigarette sales.
  • 4.4.   Only one (1) Membership may be used to qualify for Discount. Benefits of Membership are only extended when the person settling the bill is the member.

5. Blockout Dates

  • 5.1.   Blackout dates for Plantation Café are:
    • Valentine Day
    • Mother's Day
    • Fasting Month
    • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
    • New Year Eve
  • 5.2.   Blackout dates for Ming Restaurant are:
    • Chinese New Year eve till 15th days of Chinese New Year
    • Valentine Day
    • Mother's Day
    • Christmas eve & Christmas Day

6. Issuance of Sabah Hotel Rewards Points

  • 6.1.   One (1) Sabah Hotel Reward Point will be issued for each Malaysia Ringgit (RM1.00) paid for qualified spending on accommodation and participating F&B outlets by each eligible Sabah Hotel Mobile Membership member, unless otherwise notified by Sabah Hotel. For the avoidance of doubt, no Reward Points will be issued in respect of any payment that is due and outstanding.
  • 6.2.   Issuance of Sabah Hotel Reward Points is applicable to hotel room charges only (excluding miscellaneous charges), rounded down to the nearest whole decimal number.
  • 6.3.   Sabah Hotel Reward Points will be credited into member's account upon departure of the hotel stay by the 20th of the following month.
  • 6.4.   Issuance of Sabah Hotel Reward Points is applicable to spending at designated F&B outlets settled by credit cards or cash in person on a single bill/receipt.
  • 6.5.   Sabah Hotel shall have the sole discretion to amend, add or remove the criteria for the issuance of Reward Points at any time.
  • 6.6.   Sabah Hotel Reward Points are not refundable or exchangeable for cash or credit.
  • 6.7.   Sabah Hotel Reward Points are personal to a Member and are not transferable or otherwise provided under these Terms and Conditions.
  • 6.8.   Sabah Hotel reserves the right not to issue any Reward Points if it deems that the Member is not eligible, or if it deems that the relevant conditions for issue of Rewards Points are not met.
  • 6.9.   Sabah Hotel shall be the sole determinant as to the number of Reward Points to be issued, and the eligibility criteria of any Member. In the event that Reward Points have been issued in excess of Member's entitlement for any reason, Sabah Hotel reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or put on credit the excess Reward Points.

7. Redemption of Reward Points

  • 7.1.   Sabah Hotel Reward Points may be used to redeem such products and services as set out in the Rewards Corner of Sabah Hotel Website, subject always to availability of such products and services.
  • 7.2.   Sabah Hotel reserves the right to determine at its sole discretion the products and services available for redemption at any point in time, and shall not be obliged to replenish or replace any redemption product or service.
  • 7.3.   Sabah Hotel reserves the right to determine the number of Reward Points required for the redemption of each redemption product and service.
  • 7.4.   Member must have an Active Mobile Membership Account with no outstanding payments at the point of redemption.
  • 7.5.   Member must submit a request for redemption via online submission at www.sabahhotel.com.my.
  • 7.6.   Once a redemption request is submitted, it cannot be cancelled, modified or withdrawn.
  • 7.7.   Each redemption request will take at least ten (10) Working Days to process.
  • 7.8.   Any redemption for products and services will take effect or will be made available only in the next billing cycle.
  • 7.9.   The redemption of Sabah Hotel Reward Points will take place by way of redemption vouchers issued by Sabah Hotel. Sabah Hotel may issue redemption vouchers by way of printed vouchers, emails, unique codes or such other forms and may be determined by Sabah Hotel from time to time.
  • 7.10.   All redemption vouchers send via email will be in ".jpg" file format and email to the Member's registered email address specified in Member’s Mobile Membership Account at the time of issue. Member is responsible for ensuring that the correct and updated email addresses are provided to Sabah Hotel for the receipt of redemption vouchers at the time of submitting the redemption request. Sabah Hotel shall not be liable to re-issue any redemption vouchers which have been emailed to an email address that is not correct or updated, or which have been lost, or deleted (including deletion for spam email).
  • 7.11.   The redemption vouchers will be valid only for the period stipulated thereon and the validity period will not be extended or renewed. Any unutilized redemption or part thereof will be forfeited at the stipulated expiry date.
  • 7.12.   For room redemption, Member must make advance booking via Sabah Hotel Website and email the jpg format voucher to our reservations team at reservation@sabahhotel.com.my. A hard copy of the printed voucher is required and to be presented to the Hotel upon check in.
  • 7.13.   All redemption vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions set out thereon and such other terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Hotel.
  • 7.14.   Any redemption voucher that has been damaged, defaced or expired will not be accepted.
  • 7.15.   If the total bill for the purchase of products or services at the Hotel/Outlets exceeds the value of the redemption voucher, Member shall settle any and all outstanding amounts directly with the Hotel/Outlets.
  • 7.16.   Redemption vouchers will be valid only for products and services stated thereon and are not applicable for other products, services discounts and promotions, unless otherwise stated.
  • 7.17.   All redeemed products, whether utilized or not, may not be refunded or exchanged for other products, cash, credit or in kind.

8. Termination and expiry of Reward Points

  • 8.1.   All Reward Points earned during the year will be carried forward to the following year if not claimed by 31 December. Any unutilized Reward Points for more than 12 months will be forfeited by the end of thirteen month automatically without prior notice.
  • 8.2.   In the event that all Services under a Member’s ID are terminated for any reason, all Reward Points will be automatically forfeited, without refund or compensation.
  • 8.3.   In the event that the Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme is terminated by Sabah Hotel, all unutilized Reward Points will be forfeited automatically.

9. General Provisions

  • 9.1.   In the event of any dispute with regards to any matter pertaining to the Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme, all decisions made by Sabah Hotel shall be final and conclusive.
  • 9.2.   Sabah Hotel reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.
  • 9.3.   Sabah Hotel may terminate the Sabah Hotel Stay & Dine Membership Rewards Programme or vary it in such manner as it deems fit at any time.
  • 9.4.   In the event of ambiguity on the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, Sabah Hotel shall be the sole determinant on the meaning and application of these terms and conditions.
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